Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Another Time

Welcome back to Michigan.
its been a long winter here in Michigan, but then again you know what it was like in Yuma, Arizona.   It too was a cool winter there, but you had the sun shining every day.  And that in itself kept you and your spouse happy, for there was NO SNOW there.
Beyond this I am thrilled and a bit disappointed that our communications have been so few. 
You see there is much that needs to be said and the more that you communicate with me, with us, the more information you will receive.  The more you will understand and the more you will know.
Know how to communicate,
Know when to communicate
Know we are SERIOUS...
As stated before there is much that needs to be transmitted to you, for you, to others as well. 
Lets begin once again.
This is as if we are communicating for the first time.
the first time is always the most strenuous, but once we are past this, it will be much easier and clearer each and every time we communicate.
You see Doreen there is much that needs to be said, but when its said it will be for all.
if there is a time that a message will be for you, you will know, as it seems for all but it is meant for you to take action.
allow the energy to flow, alow the words to come into your hearing into your vision into you. 
this is our way to communicate and you are spot on.
for now this is what is being said.
I will look forward to our next communication as weekly will be sufficient
, but more would be much, much better.
Blessings to you my Dear,
Lady Angela

Message from 02/26/2019 Yuma, AZ

Hello Doreen,

I should be upset, but I am not.  I should show anger, but I do not.  For you see I am from another galaxy and I am here with you to connect to allow all that is and all that every will be to expand within your mind within your consciousness within your aspects of yourself.  As you see yourself as you know yourself and as you are yourself.
You see there are many things and many ways we can communicate and this is one of them.   I wanted to let you know the more we talk, the more we communicate and the more information you will receive as you are walking your destiny.
For your destiny is also the destiny of many.  You my dear are the chosen one.  The one who hears and knows and explains our presence.  
As this is of vital importance to many, it must be extremely important to you.  For you have placed our communication on a back burner.  I am asking you as of this moment to make the time to take the time to set aside the time on a weekly basis for our communication.   As we get stronger in our journey and as we allow each other the opportunity to explore each other’s aspects of ourselves.  We will meet more frequently, but for now this weekly communication is enough to get the ball rolling.
For you see this is the important thing is having this line of communication between us.
This line is a channeled line as I am speaking to you through you and in you.  The energy you feel is from our lineage of a different species and as I speak this and you feel this and allow yourself to be the channel more will open up to you as you explore and allow this exploration to take us to places and times and events and knowledge that can be shared not only by us.  But will be available to many.
This is just the opening of the communication.
Know this, feel this, accept this.  For I am Lady Angela from afar.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Once Again

Alert - I have returned.  I am Lady Angela and I am from a Star System that is light years away from your planet.

Know that as I come, I come with a passion, knowledge and understanding that we are a peaceful society.  A society that comes together for one and all.  I am reaching out to continue our search. 

Our search for those that are enlightened.

Enlightened to me, means accepting of ones self.  Whether good, bad or indifferent.
Accepting who you are, where you are and what you are. No matter what is going on in your life on this planet or any other planet, if you accept yourself, you will blossom, you will reach out and you will BE content, happy and aware.

An awareness is happening now at this point in time on your planet as others connect with you.

You see this awareness is allowing and when you allow mighty things will happen, will take shape and will evolve.
And my dears, that is what this is all about is Evolving.

For Evolving means being open and as you are open to my thoughts, to my words to my energy.  Mighty things, mighty occurrences, mighty possibilities will happen.

So stay tuned, more will come, but for now it is important to know I am here.  And as I reach out to you - open your heart and allow the goodness of the universe to enter and bring you peace.
Lady Angela

Monday, August 6, 2018


Monday August 6, 2018

I am from another galaxy and I speak in a different language than you.  However as I am able to bring my words into your language, this is how we will communicate. 

You see there are many light years separating us.  We are a star that is beyond.  You have seen or reached with your exploration.  

This information is to be shared and that is why I am here… we are a peaceful civilization… I stopped on the word civilization, for there were many words that could have been used, but I chose civilization to impact the words that make us strong and kind and loving.  

For we come in peace and love.  

You see this is where we are connected.  

For you too come in peace and love and this is what I am sharing with you.

Our communication together is very enlightening and with the energy we share we will make great progress, for you see I am the same as you.  I speak the words of Love and Light.  This same energy comes out of my hands as well.   As yours shed this energy also.

Where do we go from here… that is a very good question.  

I will continue to communicate with you.  

Share this information for it is of the utmost importance.  We will get to that at a future date.  

As for now, know that we are peaceful and of high energy.   

We have so much to share, so much to enlighten and so much joy.  Joy that we are in communication.

This ends my communication for today, until tomorrow, go in peace, prosperity and love.

***Being of the Stars***

Footnote by Doreen:
On April 7, 2018 I drew this picture of Lady Angela.  I found the picture among my belongings that I took to the Expo this past weekend.  The Expo was the Healing Body, Mind & Spirit Expo in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I was dumbfounded at the resemblance of the drawings.  In my mind no two would be the same.  Yet these two pictures that I am posting are the same.   
Let me say when I drew the one that I posted first, her energy came alive and I could feel her looking at me from the page.  Sincerely her energy is magnificent and all in Love and Light.
Also on this first picture her name is Lady Angela.  When I created the first post, her name was Angela.  I will be calling her Lady Angela going forward with my posts. 
God Bless you in all you do as God Blesses you every moment of your existence, which is eternity.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Angela Star Being of Love

Listen to me as I speak.
I am here to help you.
I am here to watch over you.
As the angels are among you.  
So am I.

This message is a word of the gospel.   As I also follow the same thoughts and processes that you follow, but know that I am also open to many other things.  I am open, because when you limit yourself to the hogwash that is being perpetrated on your news lines you are fed an abundance of misinformation, that people believe!  

You believe in the spoken word, the written words, thus feeding mass consciousness.   An awareness where many people 's beliefs, whether happy, sad, good, bad, evil or pure, shift planet Earth.

You are being made further aware of this, to help heal our planet, help heal our souls and allow those from other galaxies to connect with us all at a higher level.

With that you must turn your back to the Nay Sayers and create your own opinions. 

Your opinion is of the highest enlightenment.

This is why I am here today and will continue to connect with you, because you see, there is light in all we think, say and do.

For today is a new post.  A new blog called Light of truth and I will channel many posts. 

There are other lights of truth messages and blogs, but you my dear will add star beings light of truth.

Your future awaits!

Our future awaits!

You see you have been going along a path that gives you complete freedom and you enjoy every minute.  

This is how life is supposed to be.  

Yet you have strayed and I am asking you, telling you, that you are now back on track.  

You can dally and do all the things you want on this earth plane, but know we need you to stay on task.  As you do, you will hear more, get more, follow more and lead many as well. 

For this earth needs strong leaders and you are one of them.  
It is time to step out. 
It is time to raise your voice in empathy, in majesty, in solidarity.   
Opening the lines of communication to begin the mass consciousness awareness of One.  One in Love, One in Awareness and One in Mass Consciousness with Purity and Love Abound.

You are our voice.
You are our eyes.
You our ears.   
We come to you in trust.  
As we trust you.  
Your trust in us will know no bounds.  

Know this is all 
              IN THE NAME OF GOD OUR FATHER.  

Now go in peace, as this is the beginning of our posts.

***Being of the Stars***