Monday, April 20, 2020

Celebrations Due You

Good Day Lady Angela – Please come in
Today is a day that you have been waiting for.  Many have been waiting for, this is a celebration to the most highest.  Meaning all that you sacrificed is now being open to you to receive the blessings you have been vigilantly waiting for.  Understand this though you may be celebrating, keep within the most precious gift of all that is your honor and your faith.  Your faith is what you believe in whether it’s Source or not hold true to your beliefs for they carry you though all times.  The tough times and the low times.  There are many high times coming to your Earth.  As you all every one of you in every corner of your world has sacrificed somehow, some way and now is the time to wrap up and see the light coming into your arena.
This is a time for celebration.   Not the total eclipse, the eclipse that darkness is now followed by the light.  The light is brilliant, the light is healing and the light is what wakes many up from the doldrums.  For those that disbelieve and want the controversy that will be there for you always.  For nothing has changed in your personality and nothing has changed in the way you view life.  What has changed is the insurmountable efforts you as a society have taken to unite together and lay low to the circumstances that have entered your earth bound galaxy.  The tension has built up to a momentum that has seized the world you live in.  Restraints have been many, but within your abode you have united within your own walls and given peace to all within.
Know this is the healing that is taking place for your earth plane.
Move forward, thinking positive, allowing the fruit of your dreams to begin again. The light is here the light is shining the light is healing the light is love.

4.19.2020 Time for Healing

Lady Angela please come in
Greetings Doreen,
Many times I have tried to connect with you, yet you have been off in your world doing your worldly experiences
I know when you are ready for the communication you will be here
As I am here now
Even though we are light years apart, our energy connects and thoughts ideas and messages are given and received both ways, thus our communication
This is a strange time your earth is in
There is much that is being said on both sides of the equator
Yet know this
The true leaders are leading your affairs with heart felt dignity and passion for their flock
There are others who are out for themselves and karma will be their lesson learned
For there is nothing you need do or say to change the world as it is spinning today
Some of this is out of your hands, yet there are things that can be done at a global level that open doors and close others keep this in mind for when you approach another their energy is now closely held to their body for the fear that has been place in your worldly society
Now is the time to open those doors and allow the peace and love to flow and show that the tragedy’s that have been presented to your world are now under control
As I stated earlier there is a time when all from other galaxies watch and wait for your galaxy is the one that is dealing with trauma and now is the time for healing
Understand this and allow others to feel and see and understand the momentum they play in this energetic healing prosperity
Lay down you evil fears
Lay down you hatred
Bring to you and to the world the love and light of healing, of peace and of goodwill
For when we bring this new energy into your world it will open the doors for others, for our galaxy and others to beam our light into the health and healing of your planet

Friday, April 17, 2020

04.17.2020 Time of Peace

Hello Lady Angela, 
Hello Doreen this is a time of peace, this is a time the world is in a state of isolation, shock and fury.  As you too are experiencing spirit and Spirit is one with you.
For now this message is what has been given to you to share with one and all.
Breathe, listen to your breath.  Feel the surge of life into your body as your body stands strong in all you do. This is the lesson for today
Be still my dears and listen.

As this message was received there is more that was omitted.  The following is the rest of the message from Lady Angela at this point in time right now. 

Listen to your breathe
This is the most important message we can give to you at this time.  we have watched and we are waiting, we are waiting for those that have received will receive more.  the more that will be received is in the spiritual realm.  make no joke of this for this is real and this is the moment that one and all take whatever comes their way in stride.  there is nothing that can stop you.  only you and when you allow yourself to be caught up in all that is being said and done, this will damage your forward movement.  know this align to this for this is the message that I am sending to you, giving to you and do with it that what you wish for I am watching and waiting.  As I do center yourself and  breathe.
your breath is healing, it is honoring you allow the flow to circulate throughout your body.  you will be amazed what you accomplish. 
In truth and Light,
Lady Angela

04.05.2020 Both Worlds

I have not communicated with Lady Angela for a while as I call upon her,
I ask that she bring forth her light, her communication and her will to show us how we achieve togetherness
Hello Doreen
 I have been watching
I have been waiting
I have the answers you and others seek
Yet now is not the time, nor place to discuss.
We are also meeting here in our society of how we can help with this devastation that is taking place on your earth.  Rest assured you are not alone.  We are here with you. 
However we cannot interfere, nor would we.  With that said, I must leave to continue to explore our path that we take to work though the mess and it is a mess on your earth.
God Bless
Lady Angela

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Another Time

Welcome back to Michigan.
its been a long winter here in Michigan, but then again you know what it was like in Yuma, Arizona.   It too was a cool winter there, but you had the sun shining every day.  And that in itself kept you and your spouse happy, for there was NO SNOW there.
Beyond this I am thrilled and a bit disappointed that our communications have been so few. 
You see there is much that needs to be said and the more that you communicate with me, with us, the more information you will receive.  The more you will understand and the more you will know.
Know how to communicate,
Know when to communicate
Know we are SERIOUS...
As stated before there is much that needs to be transmitted to you, for you, to others as well. 
Lets begin once again.
This is as if we are communicating for the first time.
the first time is always the most strenuous, but once we are past this, it will be much easier and clearer each and every time we communicate.
You see Doreen there is much that needs to be said, but when its said it will be for all.
if there is a time that a message will be for you, you will know, as it seems for all but it is meant for you to take action.
allow the energy to flow, alow the words to come into your hearing into your vision into you. 
this is our way to communicate and you are spot on.
for now this is what is being said.
I will look forward to our next communication as weekly will be sufficient
, but more would be much, much better.
Blessings to you my Dear,
Lady Angela

Message from 02/26/2019 Yuma, AZ

Hello Doreen,

I should be upset, but I am not.  I should show anger, but I do not.  For you see I am from another galaxy and I am here with you to connect to allow all that is and all that every will be to expand within your mind within your consciousness within your aspects of yourself.  As you see yourself as you know yourself and as you are yourself.
You see there are many things and many ways we can communicate and this is one of them.   I wanted to let you know the more we talk, the more we communicate and the more information you will receive as you are walking your destiny.
For your destiny is also the destiny of many.  You my dear are the chosen one.  The one who hears and knows and explains our presence.  
As this is of vital importance to many, it must be extremely important to you.  For you have placed our communication on a back burner.  I am asking you as of this moment to make the time to take the time to set aside the time on a weekly basis for our communication.   As we get stronger in our journey and as we allow each other the opportunity to explore each other’s aspects of ourselves.  We will meet more frequently, but for now this weekly communication is enough to get the ball rolling.
For you see this is the important thing is having this line of communication between us.
This line is a channeled line as I am speaking to you through you and in you.  The energy you feel is from our lineage of a different species and as I speak this and you feel this and allow yourself to be the channel more will open up to you as you explore and allow this exploration to take us to places and times and events and knowledge that can be shared not only by us.  But will be available to many.
This is just the opening of the communication.
Know this, feel this, accept this.  For I am Lady Angela from afar.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Once Again

Alert - I have returned.  I am Lady Angela and I am from a Star System that is light years away from your planet.

Know that as I come, I come with a passion, knowledge and understanding that we are a peaceful society.  A society that comes together for one and all.  I am reaching out to continue our search. 

Our search for those that are enlightened.

Enlightened to me, means accepting of ones self.  Whether good, bad or indifferent.
Accepting who you are, where you are and what you are. No matter what is going on in your life on this planet or any other planet, if you accept yourself, you will blossom, you will reach out and you will BE content, happy and aware.

An awareness is happening now at this point in time on your planet as others connect with you.

You see this awareness is allowing and when you allow mighty things will happen, will take shape and will evolve.
And my dears, that is what this is all about is Evolving.

For Evolving means being open and as you are open to my thoughts, to my words to my energy.  Mighty things, mighty occurrences, mighty possibilities will happen.

So stay tuned, more will come, but for now it is important to know I am here.  And as I reach out to you - open your heart and allow the goodness of the universe to enter and bring you peace.
Lady Angela